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Headbands for HEINE® HR and HRP Binocular Loupes

Professional L Headband
Highly-recommended for HRP prismatic loupes. Adjustable for height and width so that a comfortable fit is always assured. In this way the headband can be customized to fit one or more users perfectly.

  • Optics can be swung out of the line of sight and returned to the original position in one easy movement.
  • Lets you combine the magnification optics with your own glasses if preferred.
  • Comfortable head cushions front and back. Fits any head shape.
  • Elongated optics mount for increased downward viewing angle (as far as 30°). Ergonomic, upright posture for the examiner.

Lightweight Headband
HEINE Lightweight Headband suitable for HR Loupes. Weighs only 160g.

  • Adjustable optics can be swivelled out of the line of sight.
  • Optics can be combined with your own glasses if preferred.
  • Adjustable for width.
  • Soft rubber headband for maximum comfort.