HEINE C2.3 Binocular Loupes


The cost-effective all-purpose loupe

    Ideal for dental laboratories and general medical examination.

    Crisp, clear images. Multi-coated, scratch-resistant silica glass lenses produce crisp, clear images.
    Flexibility for precise adjustment. Independently adjustable PD controls ensure precise alignment of the optics.
    Super lightweight and comfortable – only 46g. Flexible coil temples wrap-around to fit the user’s anatomy securely and comfortably. Spring-loaded temples will adjust to the user’s anatomy. Lightweight metal frame.
    The ideal all-purpose loupe. The feather-light weight, low-profile design and low cost of the C2.3 loupe make it the ideal all-purpose loupe.
    Working distance. 340mm or 450mm (13 or 18 inches).

    Also available as C2.3K on Lightweight Headband.


    Catalogue Number: C-000.32.039

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    C 2.3 / 340 Loupe in case

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