For which mobile phone / mounting cases is the iC1 available?

The iC1 is available for iPhones starting from version 5s upwards and for the iPod touch 6th generation.

What are the iC1 App’s core functionalities?

- Easy location of images on body map - Input of patient information - E-mail function for sharing images - Adding of comments and notes to images - In-app magnification

Who is responsible for the 1st level support of iC1 & iC1 App?

The Distribution Partner is responsible for 1st level support. HEINE is only responsible for difficult question and battery change.

Where can I download the iC1 App? What does the iC1 App cost?

You can download it from the Apple store for free.

What is necessary to download the iC1 App from the Apple Store?

An Apple ID, Apple iTunes and an internet connection is necessary.

How do I find the HEINE iC1 App?

Search in the App Store for „heine iC1“ .

Is it possible to switch between polarized and non-polarized lighting mode in the iC1 App?

No, it is only possible via the iC1 hardware using the toggle buttons.

Where do the pictures actually go? Where are they saved to?

The iC1 App stores the pictures locally onto the iPhones storage. They are placed into an automatically generated file marked “HEINE iC1”.

Can two pictures be places next to another on the screen for comparison?

No, the screen is too small for an adequate comparison.

Where does the user have to agree to the Terms of usage?

Terms of usage have to be agreed to when first installing the app.

Which format does the taken picture have?

The pictures are stored in the .png format (Portable Network Graphics).

Who can change the battery?

The battery can only be changed by service personnel authorized by HEINE.

Will the iC1 be made compatible with other smartphones in the future?

No, this is not intended at the moment.

Which languages are available at this time?

The App is available in English and German.

Who is responsible for the data security?

The iPhone & iC1 owner/end-user (according to the Terms of Usage and Licence Agreement) is responsible for the data security.

What is the intended use of the product?

iC1 dermatoscope The iC1 dermatoscope is an internally powered medical examination light. It is an reflected-light microscope for non-invasive, visual inspection of intact skin by a healthcare professional. The diagnostic is not limited to any patient demography. iC1 dermatoscope with mounting case smartphone option The optional mounting case for the iC1 dermatoscope enables an integration of a smartphone which optimizes the macrophotography. The digitized image display takes place within the technical capabilities of the smartphone and in its range of application and is solely for documentation and training purposes.

Can I charge the iC1 with my Apple iPhone charging cable?

No, you need a standard micro USB cable (and charger/power supply).

What is the magnification?

The magnification is 5-15x with the HEINE precision optics and up to 40 x magnification on the iPhone display.

Is there a case available for the iPhone 6s+ / 7+ / 8+ / X?


What are the coordinates describing lesion-location use for?

The picture-coordinates help to conclusively localize the photographed lesion on a body map. Even though standards (i.e. Dicom) exist in other fields (i.e. ophthalmology), there are currently no international standards concerning the coordinates within dermatoscopy. This is why HEINE Optotechnik GmbH & Co. KG is an active member of ISIC (International Skin Imaging Collaboration In collaboration with other representatives out of industry and research, we are aiming for the implementation of these standards.

Can the scale on the iC1 App be faded out of view?

No, we have a scale on the contact plate, there is no digital scale available. Having it on the glass plate makes comparing images easier.

How long does the battery last? How long does it take to charge?

The battery lifetime is 3.5 hours and the time for charging is 2.5 hours.

Which is the target group for the iC1?

The target group for this product are GPs and Dermatologists who screen for melanomas.