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Social responsibility

HEINE assumes responsibility

Making a meaningful contribution to society was one of the founding principles of HEINE Optotechnik. We deeply care about the human health and we are convinced that only the best quality diagnostic instrument allows for the most accurate and early diagnosis. In this way, diseases can be treated in a timely fashion and patients have the best chance of positive outcomes.

In numerous regions of the world, people only have limited access to preventive healthcare and medical treatment. For this reason, we support many charity projects and doctors who are actively engaged in voluntary work.

Our long-term commitment to the project “Caribou” is just one example how we support the further education of doctors in the area of ophthalmology with hand-held ophthalmic instruments. An early diagnosis and timely therapy can prevent blindness among people.

If you have a project that you would like for us to consider supporting, please describe your project and which product donations you may need via the contact form.

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