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Press Release: HEINE Product Enhancements

Two More Handle Variants for the Heine EasyClean LED Laryngoscope Handle – Available from January 2019

From 2019 onwards, the EasyClean LED laryngoscope handle will be available in two more variants: SHORT and SLIM. The completely waterproof EasyClean handle with an autoclavable LED light unit enables quick and easy hygienic reprocessing.

The two new handle sizes (SLIM and SHORT) feature a non-slip wave design, just like the standard version. Anaesthetists use SLIM and SHORT sizes depending on both their personal preference and the requirements in different intubation situations.

Additional Diagnostic Centre with Individual Connection: HEINE EN200-1

Depending on the specialist field, the new EN200-1 allows a third instrument – such as a dermatoscope, a tongue-blade holder or another ophthalmological instrument such as a retinoscope – to be integrated as a stationary solution in the Diagnostic Centre.

The individual connection is now making a Diagnostic Centre an attractive investment for dermatologists who would like to use a permanently installed dermatoscope in their practice or clinic. Alternatively, it can be used for practices planning eye and ear examinations in different rooms.

The EN200-1 will be available from the start of 2019.

Heine – Quality made in Germany

Heine Optotechnik is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of primary diagnostic instruments and employs more than 500 members of staff at present. The completely family-owned and managed company combines decades-long experience and craftsmanship with the most modern

manufacturing technologies. All Heine otoscopes, laryngoscopes, loupes, lights, sphygmomanometers, ophthalmoscopes and dermatoscopes are exclusively developed and manufactured in the production facilities in Germany. Heine diagnostic instruments are available in 120 countries worldwide.

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