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Press Release: Made in Germany

Quality ‘Made in Germany’

Heine Optotechnik manufactures medical primary diagnostic instruments and laryngoscopes. Since the company was founded in 1946, production has been exclusively and consistently carried out in the German production facilities. ‘We’ve never considered outsourcing to the Far East because it would completely contradict our corporate philosophy,’ explains Managing Director Oliver Heine.

Over 90 percent of all vendor parts for Heine instruments come from Germany. The company only purchases a few product elements abroad, such as cuff parts for blood pressure monitors or individual batteries.

All product components must satisfy stringent standards

The company’s in-house production operations mean that it can organise all the critical production steps itself. Employees check the quality of all the key components even during the manufacturing process, resulting in medical instruments that doctors can reliably use for many years and enabling diagnoses that are as precise as they were on the first day, even after the devices have undergone years of use. This is why Heine generally gives a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee for all devices – as it does for all blades and laryngoscope handles for intubation.

New diagnostic instruments have short development phases

Customer-specific requirements can be implemented flexibly and quickly, since the entire production process is practically under one roof. The in-house Development department also benefits from the geographical proximity. ‘We can have our prototypes built at very short notice and discuss with the production manager how we can then optimally implement series production,’ explains Felix Michel, Head of Heine’s Development department. This results in short development times – from the planning stage, to the new and improved product.

Another advantage of the in-house production operations is that 90 percent of all orders are ready for delivery within five days.

Made in the main plant in Herrsching: Laryngoscope blades

Over the course of their product lives, laryngoscope blades are subjected to intense mechanical loading and countless sterilisation cycles, so it is extremely important that they have very solid workmanship.

Heine Classic+ Fibre Optic laryngoscope blades go through the entire production chain at the main plant in Herrsching. The production planners have continuously optimised blade production operations to meet the highest product requirements. Today, for example, Macintosh blades are CNC-milled from a single piece of stainless steel. Once the fibre optics have been installed and various polishing steps have been completed, complex chrome plating takes place in the company’s own electroplating plant. The electroplating gives each blade an extremely smooth, pore-free surface that optimally protects the medical device against corrosion.

The workmanship of the light guide also sets quality standards, because even after more than 4,000 standard autoclave cycles, the laryngoscope blade still provides a constant light output of at least 1,000 lux.

Heine – Quality made in Germany

Heine Optotechnik is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of primary diagnostic instruments and employs more than 500 members of staff at present. The completely family-owned and managed company combines decades-long experience and craftsmanship with the most modern

manufacturing technologies. All Heine otoscopes, laryngoscopes, loupes, lights, sphygmomanometers, ophthalmoscopes and dermatoscopes are exclusively developed and manufactured in the production facilities in Germany. Heine diagnostic instruments are available in 120 countries worldwide.

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