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Press release: Waterproof Reusable EasyClean Laryngoscope Handle

Medical Devices in the Operating Theatre: Alternative to Single-use Laryngoscope Systems

Waterproof Reusable EasyClean Laryngoscope Handle Simplifies Reprocessing

Herrsching, November 2018 – Disposable laryngoscopes are popular in many hospitals because they require no processing whatsoever. However, they generate lots of waste. In contrast, multiple-use systems have to be reprocessed after every use. But they score top marks due to the systems – consisting of a handle and a blade – having a high level of mechanical stability. This makes high-quality reusable laryngoscope systems far safer to use than conventional plastic and metal single-use products, in addition to them also being cheaper for hospitals and kinder to the environment than disposable products.

With the Heine EasyClean LED laryngoscope handle, anaesthetists have a very reliable instrument in their hands that provides optimum LED illumination of the pharynx. The effort spent on reprocessing is remarkably reduced at the same time.

The selection and provision of ‘medical devices’ in hospitals have a ‘great or very great influence on the workload in the operating theatre’. This was confirmed by 93 percent of operating theatre staff in the operating theatre staff study published by JR in 20181 and based on a survey of 1,156 medical professionals on their work situation in the operating theatre. Anaesthesiologists, for example, need instruments that are reliable, ideally fit into daily work processes and simplify them as much as possible.

The sturdy EasyClean LED laryngoscope handle, which is compatible with all ISO 7376 blades, meets these requirements and ensures a high level of patient safety.

1 The extensive JR OP-Personalstudie 2017/2018: So sind OP-Kräfte zu halten: Plädoyer für mehr Mitbestimmung im OP [JR 2017/2018 operating theatre staff study: retaining surgical staff: a plea for greater co-determination in operating theatres]; March 2018;

Both the use of chrome-plated, stainless steel and the high-quality processing – which, incidentally, takes place exclusively at Heine’s main plant in Herrsching – mean that the handle has a long service life. Against this backdrop, the company gives a five-year product guarantee on the EasyClean.

Waterproof handle enables quick and easy disinfection

The fact that the entire handle is totally waterproof (IP68) allows for particularly efficient and safe reprocessing – in complete compliance with national and international hygiene standards.

Wipe-down disinfection, immersion disinfection and even low-temperature gas plasma sterilisation (STERRAD®/STERIS®) can all be carried out without any need for disassembly and reassembly – even of the light unit and rechargeable battery.

Cut disposal costs – reusable medical devices in the operating theatre are a worthwhile investment

In view of ever-increasing volumes of waste and high disposal costs in hospitals, it is worthwhile for purchasing managers to consider whether laryngoscopes have to be disposable or whether it would prove profitable to use sturdy and reliable reusable products.

Studies demonstrate that the use of reusable laryngoscopes in anaesthesia is considerably cheaper and also kinder to the environment than the use of disposable products.2 Hospitals can save up to 88 percent of their annual costs by using reusable laryngoscopes rather than disposable instruments.3,4

In using the waterproof and easy-to-sterilise EasyClean LED laryngoscope handle, doctors and clinical specialists benefit from faster throughput times – even compared to using other reusable instruments.

Heine cost calculator for entering your own values, then calculating your potential savings:


2 F. McGain, D. Story, T. Lim, S. McAlister; British Journal of Anaesthesia. Financial and environmental costs of reusable and single-use anaesthetic equipment, 2017; 118(6): 862–869.

3 Calculation based on measurements from Yale University, assuming 60,000 intubations and 4,000 cleaning cycles per year in the case of reusable laryngoscope systems.

4 Jodi D. Sherman, MD; Lewis Raibley, B. Eng.; Matthew Eckelman, PhD. Reusable versus disposable laryngoscopes: environmental and economic considerations. Poster abstract #A2171 presented at ASA Congress 2014.

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