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HEINE F.O. SHORT LED Laryngoscope Battery Handle

HEINE offers the most complete and versatile range of Laryngoscope handles on the market: From various sizes and lengths, with 2.5 V alkaline batteries to 2.5 V and 3.5 V Li-ion rechargeable battery configurations, to exclusive charge status indicator functions.


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F.O. SHORT LED Laryngoscope Battery Handle

Complete handle with bottom insert.

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The good grip and excellent illumination quality of HEINE LED Laryngoscopes make them a reliable, long-term partner in my daily routine as well as in emergency care and in emergency rescue service. Dr. Tatjana Hilker

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Complete Handle System: HEINE offers the most complete Handle System on the market – XHL bulb and LED illumination, a full assortment of sizes, as well as dry cell battery and rechargeable power options.

Up to 13 hours ON time. Optional NT300 desk charger guarantees a quick recharge in 2 hours.


LED Thermal Management: LED illumination systems require thermal management to ensure long-term performance and product stability. The Small and Short F.O. LED Laryngoscope Handles utilise special heat-diffusing metals and glues in combination with an integrated ceramic cooling element. This construction purposely controls and conducts all heat away from the LED, guaranteeing consistent quality of illumination and maximum light intensity throughout the LEDs’ lifetime rating of up to 20,000 hours.

LED with virtually unlimited hours of working life. No need to ever replace bulbs. Maintenance-free for a lifetime.

HEINE offers a 5 year guarantee

HEINE makes no compromises in manufacturing high quality medical instruments. Our commitment to vertical integration in manufacturing means we control all aspects of our instrument quality, from utilising carefully selected, well-matched materials to a high level of hand assembly. This ensures that each HEINE instrument meets or exceeds all requirements in any medical environment.


LED in HQ: High Performance LEDs are 3 x brighter than conventional 3.5 V halogen bulbs and provide absolutely homogenous illumination.

Authentic colour rendering: With the LED illumination system all colours of the light spectrum are displayed in their natural state. Red nuances retain their original intensity, enabling a detailed view of the pharynx with enhanced contrast rendering. Colour temperature: 5000 K, Colour Rendering Index > 80. The ideal light setting for a secure intubation.

Exclusive fade-out function: The Short and Small F.O. LED Laryngoscope Handles provide maximum brightness at constant intensity. As soon as the dry cell batteries or the rechargeable battery reach a low level, the LED Laryngoscope Handles electronically release a visible early indication of low battery status: By gradually reducing brightness (fade-out function), the LED Laryngoscope Handles start notifying user to replace batteries or to charge Handle.

Compatible with all Laryngoscope Blades to the ISO 7376 (green standard).

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the light source in my HEINE Short F.O. Laryngoscope Handle?

The illumination unit can be exchanged by replacing the insert within the HEINE LED Laryngoscope handle. However, the HEINE LEDs feature an extremely long durability, sustaining their illumination quality throughout the whole product life time. Therefore an exchange of the LED is not necessary.


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