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Dentistry (odontology, stomatology) is a short denomination used for the oral and maxillofacial surgery specialist area. It includes the prevention, recognition and treatment of oral and jawbone diseases (prophylaxis, periodontics, conserving dentistry), dental prostheses production (prosthetics), dental surgery and implantology as well as malocclusion treatment (orthodontics). There is no clear distinction between dentistry, ENT, dermatology, orthopaedics and oral, maxillary and face surgery.

Teeth have an important function! They determine the aesthetics of faces and they play an important role regarding the daily intake of food, as well as speech development. Although it is very important to have knowledge of both the basics and complex medical relations when treating patients, dentistry is still a craftmans' trade. The difference between success and failure is only several hundredths of millimetres. Magnifying spectacles with adequate lighting make the work in dark oral cavities with limited space much easier and they are an important tool for modern dentistry.

HEINE has been specialising in this area for many years, and we have developed products which satisfy even the highest demands.

HEINE Dentistry Products

Discover the HEINE Dentistry product lines.

Our dentistry product range comprises the below product lines:

Headlight product line

Magnifying spectacles are widely used in the field of dentistry. They are a part of every-day work applied in every dentistry field, such as for the preparation of coronas, root canal treatments, implantology and oral surgery.

Optimum enlargement and illumination are important for their employment in the best way possible and they make a dentist's life much easier.

The newest HEINE innovation is based on a positive feedback from the medical field: polarisation filters preventing reflections provide for a good view for parodontitis treatments, Piezo surgeries and the use of ultrasound devices.

Dentistry User Reports

Headlight HEINE LED LoupeLight User Report

Due to its features the HEINE LoupeLight can be optimally used in dental medicine.
The 2.5 magnification offers a large field of view and allows a larger overview than comparable competitor products. Two to three teeth can be seen at the same time.

The loupe allows a very clear image, good depth of field and offers clear advantages in particular during surgery or implant procedures.

Dr. Schneider, a dentist with his own practice in Starnberg near Munich, reports on his experiences with the HEINE LoupeLight with HR 2.5x binocular loupe.

Expert opinion regarding HEINE LED LoupeLight

Dr. Tobias Schneider

Headlight HEINE ML4 LED User Report

During endodontic treatment of my patients, the HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight System with loupes provides great accuracy! But success lies in the polarised filters. Filters eliminate glare, thus providing high definition when locating the root canal! Also relieves fatigue caused by light glare.

Dr. José Andrés Vela (dentist/photographer) from Ecuador reports on his experiences with the HEINE ML4.

Expert opinion regarding HEINE ML4 LED

Dr. José Andrés Vela

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