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Dermatology is a branch of medicine concerned with diseases of the skin, hair and nails. But the spectrum of dermatological applications now also includes a number of aesthetic treatments. For a dermatologist or a general practitioner, an optimal illumination, best possible magnification and precise, sharp images are the most important requirements for a reliable diagnosis and a successful treatment.

The most important diagnosing instrument in dermatology is the dermatoscope, also called reflected-light microscope. The early diagnosis of skin cancer is of particular importance and plays a substantial role to significantly increase healing chances. In our section “All about Dermatoscopy” you can find a guideline for skin cancer screening, the ABCD rule of dermatoscopy, information about black and white skin cancer and further indications of dermatoscopy, such as Alopecia areata or head lice.

For many years now, HEINE has specialised in this area and has manufactured products that meet the highest demands.

HEINE Dermatology Products

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Powerful digital dermatoscopy

HEINE also focuses on precision optics with its mobile, digital models. Through the additional use of the zoom function on the digital screen, digital dermatoscopes provide comparable results to analogue devices in dermatological diagnostics.
This is documented by a Swedish study, which assessed pigmented lesions and melanomas using two HEINE instruments: the HEINE Delta 20 T and the digital HEINE iC1.

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The portfolio of our Dermatology products comprises the following product lines:

Product Line Dermatoscopes

The dermatoscope is the dermatologist’s stethoscope. With a wide range of dermatoscopes – also called reflected-light microscopes – we are supporting the diagnosis of skin cancer and other diseases such as alopecia, inflammatory skin lesions, parasitization and differentiation of foreign bodies.

In close cooperation with health care professionals we drive the development of cutting-edge technologies, to keep providing new solutions for the long-term and to offer health care professionals an optimal use and best conditions for making an accurate diagnosis.  

Digital dermatoscopy simplifies every day practice life by for example being able to directly compare images, show them to your patients or to simple exchange them with a colleague.

Product line HeadLights

Headlights are not yet widely used in dermatology. HEINE is using its long-term experience with these products in other specialities such as surgery and dental medicine.

Headlights are however more and more used in dermatology e.g. for Endoluminal Varicose Vein Therapy, surgical operations such as the excision of dysplastic nevi and aesthetic corrections.

HEINE’s latest innovation in this area, the Polarisation Filters, received very good feedback from the medical environment: The use of Polarisation Filters eliminates reflexions and allows a more detailed assessment e.g. in sclerotherapy.

Product Line Examination Lights

A well-functioning illumination system is indispensable for efficient workflows in a practice. HEINE offers a wide range of examination lights – which are convincing above all by their incredibly good colour rendering.

Examination lights can be mounted on a wheeled stand for mobile use or be permanently installed with the help of a wall / desk mount. 

In the areas of Dermatology, General Medicine or Surgery they provide optimal illumination for surgery, assessing response to treatments or removing stitches.  

Dermatology user report

Ms. Stefanie Kamann has a dermatological practice and provides an overview of the most important indications of the non-contact polarised dermatoscope HEINE NC1.

NC1, HEINE’s non-contact dermatoscope with polarised illumination is a combination of two instruments in one: It allows a swift, first screening – patients can be examined without contact yet very thoroughly. This precision is ensured by the NC1’s large field of view, unusually high depth of field and a 6x-magnification.

Should a specif-ic skin abnormality be inspected more closely, a contact plate can be attached – which transforms the NC1 into a traditional contact-dermatoscope, increasing magnifi-cation to 9x.

Expert opinion about HEINE NC1

The new NC2 Dermatoscope



Dr. Stefanie Kamann

All about Dermatology

In 1920, German dermatologist Johann Saphier coined the term “dermatoscopy” to describe the process of applying immersion oil to skin lesions and assessing them using a binocular microscope.

After a 1989 doctor’s visit, Dr Otto Braun-Falco and company founder Helmut A. Heine, continued to develop the dermatoscope in terms of sharpness, brightness, and handling. Thus, the first hand-held dermatoscope, the DELTA 10, was created. Today, there are different models that have become indispensable in the diagnosis of skin cancer.

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  • The use of a dermatoscope in dermatology
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Dermatology Knowledge  

Here you will find information about further indications of dermatoscopy, important leaflets, downloads, interesting articles regarding dermatology as well as books, links and organisations.

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