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HEINE NC2 Dermatoscope

All-round dermatoscope, universal application, efficient and precise in all situations: The contact plate achieves a clear, reflection-free and highly detailed image with 10x magnification, even without immersion fluid.

Without the magnetically-held contact plate, the NC2 is used for non-contact examinations in 6x magnification for an efficient examination with a large field of view of the skin. The iPhone* accessory for the Apple iPhone from Version 5s and the NC2 app enable extensive photo documentation, in non-contact mode too.

  • LED HQ
  • Fast change from contact to non-contact examination
  • Perfect combination of precise optics and bright illumination
  • Available with digital documentation
  • Free NC2 App

Sets for HEINE NC2 Dermatoscope


NC2 Dermatoscope

NC2 Dermatoscope (incl. USB handle), contact plate with scale, USB cord with E4-USB medical approved plug-in power supply, carry bag


NC2 Dermatoscope

NC2 Dermatoscope (incl. USB handle), USB cord with E4-USB medical approved plug-in power supply, carry bag


I would highly recommend this instrument to any GP. It allows me to narrow down the diagnosis of uncertain findings on the skin, like plantar warts, intradermal or subcutaneous foreign objects such as splinters of wood and glass, and scabies mites. I use it all the time. Dr. med. Timm Wiecken

Accessories for HEINE NC2 Dermatoscope


Mounting case smartphone NC2 7/8

for Apple iPhone 7/8


Mounting case smartphone NC2/6

for Apple iPhone 6 / 6s D-000.78.126

Mounting case smartphone NC2/5

for Apple iPhone 5s / SE


Mounting case iPod NC2/T6

for Apple iPod touch 6. Generation D-000.78.124

Contact plate

with scale D-000.78.114

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