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Ophthalmology is one of the oldest medical sub-disciplines. References about the treatment of eye diseases can be found on stone slabs as old as 3600 years. Details about the structure of the eye, however, have only become known and have been used systematically since the introduction of the microscope in the 19th century.

Today, the choice between numerous ophthalmological instruments allows doctors to diagnose and treat eye diseases and functional disorders.

HEINE is specialised in the development and production of ophthalmological diagnostic instruments. Whether head-worn or hand-held – the entire HEINE product portfolio stands for highest quality in order to provide the earliest and most precise diagnosis.

Our instruments are used worldwide by eye specialists, optometrists, and orthoptists but also by general practitioners as well as paediatricians.

HEINE Ophthalmology Products

Discover HEINE Ophthalmology Products

Safety for patient and user

HEINE Products fulfil the requirements for photo biological safety.

For HEINE, precise image reproduction and optimal support of an examination have as high a priority as the safety of the patients. Light can be a danger to the retina and the skin surface, depending on the intensity and the light source. Certain UV-A rays may be dangerous for the eye. Possible eye damages include conjunctivitis, blindness of the cornea and lens opacity.

To be used as light source for the examination of eyes, a device has to be approved in accordance to the Act on Medical Devices and fulfil the requirements of relevant standards. In this case, the threshold value of DIN EN ISO 15004-2 for specific ophthalmic products applies.

HEINE is testing all of its products according to their intended application and therefore fulfils all relevant standards. Guaranteeing the safety of patients and the user is part of our high quality standard.

Our ophthalmology product portfolio includes the following product lines:

Product line Direct Ophthalmoscopes

The direct ophthalmoscope is a versatile, hand-held instrument which can be used for different examinations. Funduscopy is one of the most common applications – it provides information on eye diseases as well as on systemic diseases of the patient.
Various vision tests such as the transillumination test according to Brückner, can be performed quickly and reliably with the help of a direct ophthalmoscope.

Product Line Indirect Ophthalmoscopes

Indirect ophthalmoscopy allows the health care professional to see a larger part of the fundus. The working distance between doctor and patient is larger. HEINE Indirect Ophthalmoscopes feature e.g. a continuous adjustable brightness control and a homogeneous, shadow-free illumination of the whole field of view.

Product Line Retinoscopes

The hand-held retinoscope is used for the objective measurement of the refractive error of the eye. Myopia, hyperopia and also astigmatism can be measured.

HEINE offers two versions: The Spot Retinoscope with a round light spot and the more widely-used Streak Retinoscope with a streak image which simplifies the examination. ParaStop was developed by HEINE for the easy, quick and precise selection of a parallel illumination beam.

Product Line Hand-held Slit Lamps

A hand-held slit lamp is very convenient for mobile use. It offers a 6 x magnification for the examination of the anterior eye segment, with loupe attachment even 10x magnification.

Product Line Retinometer

The LAMBDA100 Retinometer is a widely used instrument for assessing the potential visual acuity of patients with cataracts and other opacities. This examination offers the possibility to assess the benefits of a cataract surgery in advance.

Product Line Ophthalmic Examination Lamps

The small and light universal instrument with different apertures and cobalt blue filter for fluorescence examination is ideally suited to detect erosion, oedema and foreign bodies on the cornea.

All About Ophthalmology

The German scientist Hermann von Helmholtz invented the ophthalmoscope in 1850. This first ophthalmoscope allowed the illumination of the fundus and captured the scattered light in such a way, that the examiner could see a reverse, enlarged image of the retina.

Nowadays, HEINE Ophthalmoscopes offer latest LED technology, precise images and excel through their outstanding durability.

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