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HEINE iC2 Funduscope

Always with you wherever you are. With a weight of just 300 g, practical dimensions and cable-free operation, it’s ideal for examining children as well as bedridden, injured and disabled patients.

Comfortable for both the doctor and patient. In addition to the conveniently longer working distance for both sides, full adjustment of LED brightness is particularly pleasant for the patient. Needless to say, it corresponds to the highest international standard for photobiological safety.

Continuous dioptre compensation. Adjustable from +15 to -15 dioptres, complemented by autofocus with +/-3 dioptres.

High-quality fundus images: Optical precision lens system with 4 aspherical high-performance lenses. Convenient documentation of completed examinations. Excellent imaging quality at up to 12 MP**.

Field of view up to 34°. The angle of view is therefore approximately four times as big as that of conventional direct ophthalmoscopes with 9°.

NEW! Set it down and charge in one step. The new iC2 Charger is the world’s first inductive charging station to receive approval for a medical product. Say goodbye to charging cables!

  • Broad field of view
  • High resolution images
  • Mobile documentation
  • Free iC2 App

Sets for HEINE iC2 Funduscope

HEINE iC2 Set 7 C-152.40.211

iC2 Charger Set/7 for iPhone 7/8

iC2 with mounting case smartphone iC2/7 for Apple® iPhone® 7/8*, iC2 Charger, USB cord with E4-USB medical approved plug-in power supply and case


iC2 Charger Set/6 for iPhone 6 / 6s

iC2 with mounting case smartphone iC2/6 for Apple iPhone 6/6s, iC2 Charger, USB cord with E4-USB medical approved plug-in power supply and case


iC2 Charger Set/5 for iPhone 5s and SE

iC2 with mounting case smartphone iC2/5 for Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone SE, iC2 Charger, USB cord with E4-USB medical approved plug-in power supply and case


Accessories for HEINE iC2 Funduscope

Case for iC2

Case for iC2

HEINE iC2 SmartphoneCase iPhone7

Mounting case smartphone iC2/7

for Apple iPhone 7/8

HEINE iC2 SmartphoneCase iPhone6

Mounting case smartphone iC2/6

for Apple iPhone 6 / 6s C-000.33.151
HEINE iC2 SmartphoneCase iPhone5

Mounting case smartphone iC2/5

for Apple iPhone 5 / 5s / SE C-000.33.150

USB cord with E4-USB plug-in transformer


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