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HEINE® NT4 Table Charger

All rechargeable HEINE F.O. 4 NT Laryngoscope Handles can only be charged with the NT4 table charger. The use of an adaptor is required for some handles.

With the appropriate adaptor set all BETA4 NT and BETA4 SLIM NT rechargeable handles can be charged in the NT4 table charger. The same applies to all Standard F.O. 4 NT, F.O. 4 SLIM NT and F.O. 4 SHORT NT laryngoscope rechargeable handles. 

Two independent charging wells. Complete functionality for one or two handles at a time. 

Automatic charging. Independent of the state of charge of the rechargeable battery. Guarantees extended battery life. 

Cannot be overcharged. Charger switches off automatically when the battery is fully charged. 

Charge status indicator. Light pulses from the charging well to confirm the charging mode. Continuous light indicates that the charging process has been completed.


Accessories for HEINE® NT4 Table Charger


Adapter set (two pieces)

for BETA SLIM and Small F.O. Laryngoscope Rechargeable Handles X-000.99.086

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HEINE offers a 5 year guarantee

HEINE makes no compromises in manufacturing high quality medical instruments. Our commitment to vertical integration in manufacturing means we control all aspects of our instrument quality, from utilising carefully selected, well-matched materials to a high level of hand assembly. This ensures that each HEINE instrument meets or exceeds all requirements in any medical environment.

High-quality metal construction for strength and durability.

Exclusive Automatic Connector with locking design. No metal on metal friction which can wear out over time, for a secure fit for the lifetime of your instruments.

Deep Battery Discharge Protection: Integrated safety system protects your investment by preventing batteries from completely draining; thus ensuring maximum battery life.


Familiar brigthness control: Rheostat for continuous brightness control with power level indicator.

Li-ion technology: no “memory effect”. Charge your handle how you like without worrying about charge level or battery condition.

One handle for all applications: A well thought out range combines everybody’s needs and all technologies. Choice of power sources from basic alkaline batteries up to latest Li-ion technology.

Compatibility during your entire career: Your BETA 4 Handle is compatible with all 3.5 V XHL and LED HEINE instruments.

USB charging: new flexible and convenient charging option.

Extended ON time: work up to 6 weeks between recharging with LED instruments.

Quick charge.


Charge Status Indicator in the bottom insert: the indicator shines orange if the battery needs to be recharged. In the HEINE BETA 4 USB Handle the indicator blinks green during the charging process and shines permanently green as soon as it is fully charged.

Slightly knurled finish of the handle provides a non-slip grip but is easy to clean and disinfect.

Complete freedom of choice: One basic handle for any situation. Decide between dry-cell or rechargeable; enhanced mobility with USB charging or convenient desk charging in the new HEINE NT 4 Table Charger. Numerous applications with just 4 handle options:

– BETA Drycell Handle

– BETA 4 USB Rechargeable Handle with USB cord and medical approved plug-in power supply

– BETA NT 4 and BETA 4 SLIM NT Rechargeable Handle for NT 4 Table Charger

Maximum safety. You can charge your HEINE BETA 4 USB Handle with any USB plug or other USB power source, with absolute peace of mind. The BETA 4 USB Handle has an integrated, exclusive Galvanic Separation Module that protects the handle, and the user, even if a faulty or inferior plug is used; thus preventing the possibility of the full mains voltage flowing directly to the handle.

NT 4 Desk Charger with exclusive Ready-to-use Function: Handles switch ON & OFF automatically when placed into charger. Set your desired brightness level once and it stays there every time you use your instrument. Also prevents battery damage and premature bulb burn outs if the instruments are accidentally left on.

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