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HEINE Optotechnik is brand of the century in 2019

Our primary diagnostic instruments have received the exclusive brand seal from “German Standards” in 2019.

HEINE has been producing handheld medical primary diagnostic instruments since 1946, and today, our family-run company is one of the biggest providers of ophthalmological instruments, dermatoscopes and otoscopes in the world.

Each year, a panel of respected professionals from “ZEIT” publishing house name the recipients of “German Standards – Brands of the Century” seal. In order to be included on this list of exemplary companies, as well as being located in Germany, brands must also have a high recognition factor and demonstrate excellent entrepreneurial commitment.

This accolade is a confirmation of our commitment to producing HEINE products in Germany. Indeed, the main reason we are able to offer such high standards of quality is because most of the production stages are carried out in-house, on our premises.

Our development department is constantly optimizing technical aspects of our products to make sure that we supply doctors with the type of instruments they can rely on in any situation. For example: instead of plastic, for our Omega 500 Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopes we use extremely lightweight and sturdy aluminium frames, which prevent the optics mounted on top from slipping or becoming displaced inside the housing. The result is a precise diagnostic instrument that, even after years of use, continues to offer the same level of diagnostic performance it did when it was first delivered.

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