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Conditions of participation prize draw

You must complete and submit the survey to take part. Only one survey per participant is entered into the prize draw. Participation is free of charge. HEINE employees and minors under the age of 18 are not eligible to take part. HEINE also reserves the right to exclude people from taking part at its own discretion if there are legitimate reasons for doing so.

A winner shall be selected at random from all participants by means of a prize draw. The winners of the prize draw shall be informed promptly that they have won a prize. The prize shall be awarded exclusively to the winner. The prize cannot be exchanged or paid out in cash. HEINE shall bear any costs incurred for shipping prizes. Additional costs associated with claiming the prize shall be borne by the winner. The winner is solely responsible for any taxation incurred on the prize. If the winner does not respond within a period of three weeks after being prompted to do so twice, the prize may be transferred to another participant.

HEINE expressly reserves the right to stop the survey without prior notice and without any need to give reasons.

Personal data needs to be provided to take part in prize draw. The participant warrants that the personal details they provide – particularly their first name, surname and email address – are true and correct. HEINE would like to point out that it shall not disclose any of the participant’s personal data to third parties or make the same accessible for use without the participant’s consent.

Any questions or complaints arising in connection with the survey should be addressed to HEINE. Contact details can be found in the legal notice.