Can I sterilise the devices?


Can I use ultrasonic bath for cleaning? 


Can I use dripping-wet or heavily-foaming wipes?


Can I use spray disinfectant?


How can I clean and disinfect the HEINE OMEGA500?

Before cleaning, disconnect from the power source. Use a suitable cloth only to wipe the surfaces of the instrument and the ophthalmoscopy lenses. The instrument and the loupe may be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Any cleaning agent used must be suitable for use on plastic surfaces. An alcohol-based surface disinfectant can be used to clean the instrument ophthalmoscopy lense. The use of a spray disinfectant and soaking or disinfection in a machine are not permitted. Please only use disinfectants based on alcohol. The lamp can be cleaned, with a dry cloth if necessary. If touched a patients eye with the loupe you can also disinfect the loupe by Incidin® Liquid and Bacillol® plus. We recommend to use Incidin® Liquid und Bacillol® plus to disinfect the device.

Can I upgrade from an XHL to an LED version?

Yes, the OMEGA500 can be easily and quickly converted with the help of an upgrade kit. The upgrade kit includes the LED unit plus the HC50 L Rheostat.

Can I reprocess the device automatically?