How can I clean and disinfect the HEINE Binocular Loupes?

Manual Cleaning: Before cleaning, remove the lens protectors. Use a microfibre cleaning cloth when removing fingerprints from the optics. Use a damp cloth when cleaning the housing and the optics (water, cleaning solutions with a neutral or mildly alkaline pH). The loupes are water resistant and can be washed under running water. If residues/dirt must be removed from the optics and/or the housing, use a soft brush.

Manual Desinfection: Disinfection by means of spraying or wiping is permitted. Apply cleaning solutions that have been approved for medical devices made from plastic and glass. Apply isopropyl alcohol (only up to a maximum of 70% concentration). Warning: Immersion disinfection, machine cleaning/disinfection, ultrasound cleaning and sterilisation are not permitted.

Can I connect a camera to my ML4 LED HeadLight?

Yes, you can connect the HEINE DV1 to your ML4 LED HeadLight. For further information please contact our HEINE distributor or visit our online distributor locator.