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HEINE® XP Disposable Laryngoscope Blades Miller

The Disposable Laryngoscope Blade features the HEINE Classic+ blade shape of the world’s best-selling integral fiber optic blade. With proper use the disposable XP blade avoids cross-infection from one patient to the next. Hygienic and safe. Optimum light transmission by oversize light guide. Extremely bright: Highest level of illuminance with HEINE 2.5V or 3.5V LED illuminance within laryngoscope insert. Blade shape optimized to ease the passage of the tube. Patient-friendly with reduced risk of injury or damage to teeth. Extreme torsional stiffness, practically unbreakable. Blades do not “freeze” or stick to the tongue at low temperatures. Compatible with all handles to the ISO 7376 (green standard). XP Miller 0: 80 mm overall length, 10 mm distal width
  • Extremely bright light
  • Torsional stiffness
  • Hygienic and safe


Sets for HEINE® XP Disposable Laryngoscope Blades Miller


HEINE® XP Disposable Laryngoscope Blade Miller 0

Eliminates cross-infection

Pack of 25 pieces


XP Emergency Set

with blades Miller 0, Miller 1, Mac 2, Mac 3, Mac 4, F.O. SP Handle 2.5 V, two alkaline batteries, in case


Accessories for HEINE® XP Disposable Laryngoscope Blades Miller


XP Disposable Handle Shell with bottom cap

without laryngoscope insert, pack of 25. F-000.22.926

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What handles can be used with my HEINE Laryngoscope Blade?

All HEINE Laryngoscope handles can be used with the HEINE Laryngoscope Blade.

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