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HEINE EasyClean LED SLIM Laryngoscope Handle

 100 % waterproof. In the case of immersion disinfection (‘High-Level Disinfection’)  or low temperature sterilisation processes (STERRAD®, STERIS®), neither the batteries  nor the LED light unit need to be removed.

Autoclavable LED technology: No removal of the light unit required for use  in autoclaves, just batteries.

Non-slip “Wave Design” improves the reliability of the wipe disinfectant for the  handle after use (‘Intermediate Disinfection’). 

HEINE has set a new standard which maintains that only the best is good enough,  from the selection of materials to processing, from light intensity and thermal  management to a colour rendering index as high as possible.
That’s what we call LED in HEINE Quality – or LEDHQ.

Maximum brightness: 3 x brighter than conventional halogen light.

Virtually unlimited hours of working life.

Typ. 10 hours of operating time (EasyClean LED Laryngoscope Handle incontinuous operation).

Compatible with all laryngoscope blades according to ISO 7376 (Green Standard).

  • 100 % waterproof
  • Autoclavable LED technology
  • Simple, safe reprocessing
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