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HEINE Dermatology products

HEINE Dermatoscopes

For many years, HEINE has specialised in the area of dermatology and developed products to meet the most demanding requirements. We offer various reflected-light microscopes depending on the application and the frequency of the application.

Unrivalled precision optics with the HEINE DELTA20 T

The DELTA20 T combines precision optics with the option to toggle between polarised and non-polarised illumination (toggle function). The focusing system provides a 10x to 16x magnification.

With the help of a special camera adaptor images can be documented and compared with previous examination results.

Due to its toggle function, the DELTA20 T allows pigmented and non-pigmented skin tumours to be assessed with both polarised and non-polarised light. The vascular structures of a skin lesion can be assessed particularly well with polarised light. Ever since the presentation of the revised 2-stage algorithm in 2010, vascular examination of the morphology and arrangement of the vessels has steadily gained in significance, especially when typical melanocytic structures are missing, e.g. upon manifestation of amelanotic melanoma. In a recent article by Yaei et al. 2017 in the Journal of Dermatology, the DELTA20 T is mentioned as being superior in the examination of vascular structures based on the optical precision and the toggle function of the dermatoscope.

HEINE iC1 for digital dermatoscopy

With the HEINE iC1 you will always have state-of-the-art technology and be absolutely mobile. The high quality HEINE Precision Optics of our iC 1 combined with an Apple iPhone and the HEINE iC1 App make it the ideal device for health care professionals who wish to have an integration into their practice management.



HEINE NC2 Dermatoscope

The HEINE NC2 is twice as bright as the predecessor model NC1. The new standard in LED illumination defining optimal light intensity, homogeneity and colour rendering for the most accurate diagnosis. Red is red, blue is blue. Colour temperature typ. 5,000 K. HEINE precision optics with 27mm diameter and an especially large overview field – delivers unmatched sharpness, high-resolution images.


Maximum Quality, minimum size: HEINE mini3000

The HEINE mini 3000 LED Dermatoscope with its typical high quality HEINE Precision Optics, offers homogeneous illumination and 10x magnification despite its compact and light design.

All HEINE Dermatoscopes are delivered with a Dermatoscopy Compendium. Our customers highly appreciated the systematic image overview which helps them to differentiate between pigmented and unpigmented skin lesions.

HEINE Loupes and HeadLights

HEINE offers different illumination and magnification system, which can be used in dermatology and which can be adjusted to the individual needs of their users.

HEINE Binocular Loupes

Dermatologists that frequently perform surgeries, like using the combination of head-worn loupes and headlights. They provide shadow-free images that allow you to see even the finest details, while you have your hands free for treating your patients.

You can choose between different magnifications (2.3x to 6x), working distances, wearing options (spectacle frame S-FRAME, Lightweight and Professional L headband) and illumination systems. The loupe can, for example, be combined with a headlight, which provides a homogeneous, shadow-free illumination of cavities. Latest LEDHQ technology in high quality design.


How to choose the correct loupe?

Magnification: Choose the lowest magnification that meets your needs. The lower the magnification, the larger the field of view and the easier the loupe will be to use.


  • HR: High-resolution achromatic optics with excellent optical qualities
  • HRP: High resolution prismatic optics with excellent optical qualities for 3.5x magnification and higher

Working distance: This is an individual choice depending on the examiner’s size and working position. The longer the working distance, the bigger the field of view.

Mounting option: Choose between spectacle frame and headband.

Illumination: Coaxial bright light is especially important when using magnification. Choose between LED MicroLight and ML4 LED HeadLight.

Examination Lights

The HEINE EL3 LED with an optimum cost-performance ratio offers bright and shadow-free LED illumination in HEINE Quality.

The HEINE EL 10 LED is a real highlight, in all respects. It provides homogeneous illumination; brightness and spot size can be continuously adjusted.

Easy cleaning and disinfection allow various areas of application. LED in HEINE Quality convinces among others with true colour rendering, for a precise diagnosis.