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HEINE® iC1 Dermatoscope

Sharp, sharper, sharpest. The HEINE iC1 is a device designed for capturing clinical and dermatoscopic images for documenting and supporting differential diagnosis of melanomas and other skin lesions. And in our unrivalled quality. Sharp and shadow-free.
Thanks, on the one hand, to our precise, aspherical optical system and, on the other, the 12-megapixel image quality when using an iPhone®* 6s or a later model. Simply download iC1 App, insert your iPhone and experience digital dermatoscopy like never before. 

Big, bigger, biggest. The high-quality aspherical optical system with up to 40× true magnification offers everything you need in a practice. 

HEINE has set a new standard which maintains that only the best is good enough, from the selection of materials to processing, from light intensity and thermal management to a colour rendering index as high as possible. 
That’s what we call LED in HEINE Quality – or LEDHQ. 

At the press of a button – the toggle function. With two switching buttons, the option to switch back and forth between polarisation and immersion images is always within easy reach, regardless of the working position. 

Many see a smartphone. We see an exceptional camera and first-class display. We’ve opted for the iPhone for reasons of quality, user orientation and costs. From our perspective it offers the best camera, a display with the highest resolution and the most progressive touchscreen technology.

Associated Products

Sets for HEINE® iC1 Dermatoscope


iC1 Set 7/8

HEINE iC1 with contact plate with scale, mounting case smartphone iC1 7/8 for Apple iPhone 7/8, USB cord with medical approved plug-in power supply


iC1 Set/6

HEINE iC1 with contact plate with scale, mounting case smartphone iC1/6 currently available for Apple iPhone 6/6s, USB cord with medical approved plug-in power supply


iC1 Set/T6

HEINE iC1 with contact plate with scale, mounting case iC1/T6 for Apple iPod touch 6th generation, USB cord with medical approved plug-in power supply


iC1 Set/5

HEINE iC1 with contact plate with scale, mounting case smartphone iC1/5 currently available for Apple iPhone 5s/SE, USB cord with medical approved plug-in power supply


Accessories for HEINE® iC1 Dermatoscope


Mounting case smartphone iC1 7/8

for Apple iPhone 7/8 K-000.34.253

Mounting case smartphone iC1/6

for Apple iPhone 6/6s K-000.34.250

Mounting case smartphone iC1/5

for Apple iPhone 5s/SE K-000.34.251

Mounting case iPod iC1/T6

for Apple iPod touch 6th generation K-000.34.252

Contact plate with scale


USB cord with E4-USB plug-in transformer


USB Cable Standard - Micro


E4-USB Medical approved plug-in power supply for USB cord


Documents for HEINE® iC1 Dermatoscope

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More Information


HEINE offers a 5 year guarantee

HEINE makes no compromises in manufacturing high quality medical instruments. Our commitment to vertical integration in manufacturing means we control all aspects of our instrument quality, from utilising carefully selected, well-matched materials to a high level of hand assembly. This ensures that each HEINE instrument meets or exceeds all requirements in any medical environment.

LED Thermal Management – LED illumination systems require thermal management to ensure long-term performance and product stability. Carefully selected and applied heat-diffusing materials in the iC 1 guarantee consistent quality and performance throughout the LED’s lifetime rating of up to 100,000 hours.


View or show your patients captured images results directly on screen.

HEINE precision optics. High-quality aspherical optical system with up to 40 x true magnification and up to 12 mega pixel* image quality.

LED HQ Illumination. 4 high-performance-LEDs for homogeneous, bright illumination and excellent image: Colour temperature typ. 5,000 K, typ. CRI > 80.


Free Onboard App: HEINE iC 1

· Easy location of images on Body Map

· Input of patient information

· E-mail function for sharing images

· Adding of comments and notes to images

· In-app magnification

Changeable and cleanable contact plate made of high quality glass. With a scale for exact image comparison.

Future compatibility – with exchangeable mobile phone cases (available for iPhones from version 5 upwards and iPod touch 6th generation).

Toggle Function to conveniently alternate between polarised and non-polarised illumination.

Latest Li-Polymer battery technology with USB charging function and charge status indicator.

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