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HEINE GAMMA® C3 Cardio Stethoscope

Exceptional acoustic performance, particularly in the cardiac frequency range. Combined double chest-piece with two different frequency ranges. Instant selection of a double membrane on one side or a conical acoustic head on the other. High-performance double membrane, 45 mm diameter gives ideal sound transmission and perfect skin contact for exceptional sound reproduction. Two-in-one tube system for enhanced performance. Very supple, yet kink-resistant with exceptional acoustic reproduction. Includes ear olives (large / soft) and one pair of replacements (small / hard) for sound insulation. M-000.09.944

Accessories for HEINE GAMMA® C3 Cardio Stethoscope


Ear olives (small/hard)

For sound insulation M-000.09.946

HEINE ear-tips large/soft

For sound insulation M-000.09.945

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Fully Adjustable Binaurals: For comfort and fit to eliminate stray noise.

Ear Olives: Comes with large and small ear olives to better fit any user. The interchangeable olives can be easily replaced when needed.

Chest Piece features non chill rings for patient comfort.


The Best Materials: Solid metal chest piece and ideal weight to avoid stray noise and ensure excellent resonance.


2-in-1 Tube Design: For enhanced sound transmission and exceptional acoustic reproduction.

Double Membrane: 45 mm diameter head with dual membrane for acoustical reproduction.

Completely Latex-Free Design.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean and disinfect the HEINE stethoscopes?

For cleaning we recommend a clean, damp cloth with a mild soap solution. If needed, use a non-aggressive disinfectant for the membrane. To extend the flexibility of the stethoscope tube we recommend the use of a vinyl lubricant.


Do HEINE stethoscopes contain latex?

No. All materials of the stethoscopes are latex-free.


Do HEINE stethoscopes contain phthalate?

No. All materials of the stethoscopes are phthalate-free.


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