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HEINE mini3000® Battery Handle

Oval, compact, stylish shape. Lies ergonomically in the hand. High-quality handle: Chrome-finish upper section / refined plastic. Shockproof, sturdy, non-slip. Attachment clip with integrated on / off switch. Secure. Switches off automatically when returned to the pocket. 20.000 switch cycles guaranteed. Screw-on end cap. For easy battery change. Threaded connector made of metal. Prevents wear. D-001.79.021

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean and disinfect my HEINE mini3000 handle ?

Clean and disinfect the HEINE handles manually (wipe clean and wipe disinfect). Recommended agents:

Cleaning agent: Neodisher® MediClean

Disinfectant agent mini3000 handles: quaternary ammonia compounds (e.g. Microbac® tissues)

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