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Rechargeable battery for OMEGA500 Indirect Binocular Ophthalmoscope UNPLUGGED and ML4 LED HeadLight UNPLUGGED (System voltage 6 V). Lightweight with balanced weight distribution. High level of comfort. Charge status display. Display of remaining operating time. Can be recharged by wall- or plug-in transformer. Direct operation possible while charging through the use of the mobile plug-in transformer. Charging time: 2 hours. Operating time: 3.5 hours for ML4 LED HeadLight, 2 hours for OMEGA500 UNPLUGGED, 8 hours for OMEGA500 UNPLUGGED with LED. Intelligent charging system. Automatic changeover from operating to charging mode (in the wall unit). Top safety standards. Integrated charge and performance checks during operation. Lithium polymer technology. UL-compliant. Registered Design. X-007.99.665
  • Headband battery (rechargeable)
  • LED charge status display

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Accessories for HEINE® mPack UNPLUGGED


Extension cord from plug-in transformer UNPLUGGED

to mPack UNPLUGGED, 2m X-000.99.668

Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery

for mPack UNPLUGGED X-007.99.680

Transformer UNPLUGGED

Headband-mounted rechargeable battery for mPack UNPLUGGED X-095.16.316

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