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HEINE Video Section

Here you will find selected videos of our products, worth knowing from the various specialties and HEINE corporate videos.

Product related videos


HEINE NC1 Dermatoscope

  • Non-Contact Dermatoscope with LED HQ
  • High resolution achromatic optics provide unmatched sharpness and resolution

HEINE DELTA 20T Dermatoscope

  • Precision optics
  • Functionality to toggle between polarised and non-polarised illumination
  • No time consuming exchange of contact plates

Blink sign

  • Toggle-Function: Toggle between polarised and non-polarised illumination modes
  • Allows recognition of the Blink Sign

Examination Lights

HEINE EL3 LED Examination Light

  • Simply bright LED Illumination
  • Optimal positioning eliminates unwanted shadows in the illuminated field

HEINE EL10 LED Examination Light

  • Absolutely homogeneous field of light
  • The light intensity can be regulated continuously between 6,500 and 45,000 Lux



  • Ultra bright coaxial illumination
  • With LED HQ - optimal light intensity, homogeneity and color rendering for each individual


HEINE OMEGA®500 Ophthalmoscope "Handling"

HEINE OMEGA®500 Ophthalmoscope "AllinOne"

HEINE OMEGA®500 Ophthalmoscope "Accessoires"

HEINE iC2 "Funduscope and Usage"

HEINE OMEGA500 with DV1 Digital Video Camera

  • With DV1 Digital Video Camera High-Resolution Digital Imaging of the Fundus

In use: HEINE OMEGA 500 with DV1

  • ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) examination



Indirect Ophtalmoscopy - Part 1

  • Teaching video indirect ophthalmoscopy

Indirect Ophtalmoscopy - Part 2

  • Teaching video indirect ophthalmoscopy

Direct Ophtalmoscopy

  • Teaching video direct ophthalmoscopy


Production of HEINE Classic+ laryngoscope blades

  • Our laryngoscopes are one of the most complex and labor intensive products of our manufacturing processes

HEINE Flextip + F.O Laryngoscope Blade

A helpful tip for a tough intubation- designed to help in difficult intubations, the HEINE FlexTip+ is a Macintosh blade with a hinged tip that is adjustable through 70 degrees


The difference between lux and lumen

  • At HEINE we work with lux and lumen on a daily basis. But what is the difference between these two units?

HEINE Company videos

HEINE Image film

HEINE was founded in 1946 by Helmut A. Heine, a physicist and passionate scientist. His goal was simple - he wanted to develop and build the best quality diagnostic instruments possible

Martin Zeil, Minister for Economic Affairs of Bavaria, visits HEINE Optotechnik

Bavarian's Minister for Economic Affairs, Martin Zeil, visited HEINE Optotechnik in February to take a closer look on HEINE as a company as well as on our special production processes


HEINE AOS (Aspherical Optical System)