HEINE Optotechnik: 75 años como campeón (oculto) en la tecnología médica

Lo que hace tres cuartos de siglo empezó como un pequeño taller de fabricación en Herrsching am Ammersee se ha convertido ya hace mucho en una moderna empresa de tecnología médica que suministra a los médicos instrumentos de alta calidad desde Estados Unidos hasta Japón. En abril de 2021, HEINE Optotechnik celebró su 75º aniversario.

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GOOD DESIGN® Award 2020 for HEINE Dermatoscopes

Both the HEINE DELTA 30 and DELTAone dermatoscopes have been awarded the 2020 GOOD DESIGN® Award in the “Medical” category. This program selects the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world.

We are very happy about this distinction and we are proud that not only we provide HEINE dermatoscope users with instruments that meet the highest quality and function standards but that also come in a modern and award-winning design.

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Modern head office - All the critical company operations under one roof

The family-run business has tapped into a whole host of synergies and improvements by relocating the entire company from Herrsching about 20 kilometres away to Gilching. All the corporate divisions (such as Development, Tool Construction, Optics and other production-related divisions), plus Administration, are now even better connected. For the diagnostic instruments that HEINE manufactures (including ophthalmoscopes, dermatoscopes and otoscopes), HEINE invested in a brand-new electroplating plant for surface coating.

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Product News

New laser safety goggles with F27 frame: laservision cooperates with HEINE Optotechnik

Lasers are widely used in almost all medical disciplines, both in diagnosis and therapy. laservision now offers a new laser safety goggle as F27 frame, which can easily be combined with Heine loupes thanks to a newly developed adapter. Thus, even very small laser applications can be performed under best visibility conditions.

The laser safety goggles with binocular loupes of different magnification levels were developed in cooperation with HEINE Optotechnik. The achromatic optics of the HEINE loupes ensure a sharp image. With the sophisticated flip-up function, the binocular loupes can be folded upwards out of the field of view if required.

The safety goggles from laservision are also suitable to wear over prescription glasses and are available for almost all wavelengths and applications in medicine. If an additional light source is required, it can be optionally combined with the HEINE LED LoupeLight.

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Featured article Binocular Loupes

Using Binocular Loupes in Dentistry or Surgery

You are using binocular loupes in dentistry or surgery and are suffering from chronic neck pain?

The Australian “Bite magazine” featured this article by Dr Anikó Ball on the importance of using binocular loupes with an adequate declination angle. A wrong angle will result in harmful bending of the spine and thus lead to chronic pain. With adjustable loupes like those made by HEINE, this problem can be avoided.

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Podcast with CEO Oliver HEINE

A HealthCeart Podcast - 30 years of Dermoscopy with world leading experts

What are the origins of the first hand-held dermatoscope? In today’s podcast – the fifth in our ’30 years of Dermoscopy’ series – we hear from the grandson of inventor Helmut A. Heine, Oliver Heine.

Joining him in this episode is the distinguished President of the International Dermoscopy Society, Associate Professor Iris Zalaudek.

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HEINE donates medical instruments for leprosy hospital

Professional medical instruments are in short supply in the leprosy hospital in Hendela, Colombo (Sri Lanka). With a HEINE otoscope and an ophthalmoscope, the doctor can examine patients directly on site now. Previously, the patients, some of whom are severely affected by leprosy, had to be taken to another hospital for examination. The donation was made in cooperation with the association Hilfe für’s Leben e. V. from Zorneding, Germany.

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