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1. Start with the registration for the HEINE DERManager.

  • Enter your personal data.
  • Within 4 hours, you will receive an email with a link to your individual DERManager including your username with a password.

2. Download the HEINE DERManager app and enter your access data.

  • You can create patients, take images, place these images on the body map.

  • You can rate the skin images, comment on them or add treatments.

3. On the computer or tablet, open your internet browser and log in to your DERManager.

  • Compare, enlarge, superimpose images.

  • Manage patient data.

  • Create additional users (we recommend changing the password).

How To's

DERManager App

Skin Imaging, Settings, Dermatoscopes + Smartphone Cases, Troubleshooting

DERManager Web

Skin Imaging, Patient Management, Settings, Troubleshooting

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Service and Support

General, Data Security

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Packages and payment

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