You can report possible violations of laws or guidelines within HEINE either by telephone or via an internet-based system, anonymously if you wish.

The whistleblowing system is open to all employees but also to suppliers, customers or other external persons. Incoming reports are checked and processed by specially trained personnel.

HEINE protects the interests of the whistleblower not only by setting up the secure whistleblowing system, but also by promising that incoming reports will be treated confidentially and that whistleblowers acting to the best of their knowledge will be protected by all appropriate means against any disadvantages resulting from reports.

Please use whistleblowing in a responsible manner, as suspicions and accusations against a person can have serious consequences for that person. When investigating reports, we also take into account the interests of the persons affected by the information that are worthy of protection.

Reports via this system are an opportunity to provide us with information about possible compliance violations. In the spirit of an open corporate culture, however, we encourage employees to first turn to contact points within the company, such as their superiors or the Human Resources & Legal Department, in a spirit of trust.

The (chargeable) telephone hotline can be reached during regular business hours at +49 8105 77 28 270.

Rationale for email

The EU Directive requires companies to send a notification confirmation to the notifier within 7 days and a response within 3 months. Therefore, we ask you to provide us with an anonymous email in order to comply with the legal requirements.  

Whistleblowing Form