Loupes and Lights

Magnification loupes not only allow for more comfortable everyday work, but are also an indispensable tool in many medical specialities. They are used in dentistry, surgery, dermatology, by ENT specialists, dental hygienists and in veterinary medicine, among others.

The benefits are obvious: magnification loupes, also known as binocular loupes, produce a three-dimensional image by magnifying the field of view for both eyes. Having spatial vision in both eyes allows for accurate work, precise results and therefore safer work, even for example during delicate surgical procedures or endodontic treatment in dentistry.

Illuminating the field of view also plays a crucial role in the success of a procedure. Compared to other forms of lighting, such as ceiling lights, lights worn on the head provide the greater benefit of shadow-free illumination.

HEINE has specialised in the development and manufacture of high-quality binocular loupes and headlights for use in the field of medicine. We offer magnification loupes with different degrees of magnification, headlights and flexible adapted combinations of binocular loupes with headlights. Our aim with all of our loupes and headlights is to always achieve maximum precision with perfect vision and optimal results in a variety of procedures.

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