Laryngoscope systems, comprising a wide variety of handles and different blades for intubation of the respiratory tract, make up one of our areas of expertise. Not only do we offer the classic fibre-optic (F.O.) handles; we’ve added a new range to our product portfolio. The EasyClean LED laryngoscope handle cuts a convincing figure with its robust, non-slip surface and is the first product of its kind – in the world – to be 100% waterproof*.

The “reusable versus disposable” issue is a matter particularly close to our hearts, because we find the tendency of some facilities to generally choose disposable products both concerning and difficult to understand. On the one hand, because the cost analysis points towards reusable laryngoscope systems, even from a short-term perspective. On the other hand, because the issues of waste avoidance and environmental pollution are playing an increasingly important role in intensive care too. You will find more information about this here.  

*Last updated: 11/2018

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