HEINE News - November 2022

HEINE expands in-house production operations

The Plastics Production at HEINE has received two new machines in recent months. HEINE is thus further expanding its in-house production operations and remains independent of suppliers with respect to disposable items like laryngoscope blades and ear speculums for otoscopes.  

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HEINE News - July 2022

Interactive exhibition with HEINE diagnostic instruments

World premiere on 8 July 2022: HEINE diagnostic instruments can now be experienced live in a museum. In the completely redesigned, modern health exhibition at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, visitors can examine their skin with a HEINE dermatoscope or give themselves a doctor's perspective when looking through a HEINE otoscope. HEINE Optotechnik has donated the items to the museum. As a company we are delighted to accompany visitors on their journey through the body with our instruments. 

On an incredible 20,000 square metres, the Deutsches Museum presents exhibitions ranging from atomic physics to robotics, making it an attraction for tourists to Munich and for all those interested in natural sciences.

HEINE Press Release - March 2022

HEINE AllSpec disposable tips – now made of recycled material

Sustainable EcoTips for otoscopes – with no difference whatsoever in examination quality

Plastic medical disposable products are advantageous in everyday practice. They are immediately ready for hygienic use, and they save time too since there’s no need for reprocessing. On the flip side, doctors’ surgeries and hospitals around the world produce lots of environment-polluting waste. 

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HEINE News - October 2021

HEINE Optotechnik – Change in management

HEINE Optotechnik Managing Director Timo Martin (COO) is taking over the Commercial division with immediate effect in addition to managing the Technical division.

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HEINE News - May 2021

HEINE announces new OMEGA 600 the most lightweight high-end indirect ophthalmoscope on the market

HEINE launches its newest indirect ophthalmoscope, the OMEGA 600. Several innovations set the OMEGA 600 apart in this category, including an entirely new design that makes it the lightest high-end indirect on the market courtesy of a new ultralight battery. The other new features are HEINE’s new visionBOOST technology, which significantly improves retina exams for cataract patients and a sophisticated surface design for easy cleaning and disinfection. As a result, the OMEGA 600 is ideal for both the provider and the patient.  HEINE offers a five-year guarantee on the quality of its materials, workmanship, and design.

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HEINE Press Release June 2020

Modern head office - All the critical company operations under one roof

The family-run business has tapped into a whole host of synergies and improvements by relocating the entire company from Herrsching about 20 kilometres away to Gilching. All the corporate divisions (such as Development, Tool Construction, Optics and other production-related divisions), plus Administration, are now even better connected. For the diagnostic instruments that HEINE manufactures (including ophthalmoscopes, dermatoscopes and otoscopes), HEINE invested in a brand-new electroplating plant for surface coating.

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HEINE Press Release October 2019

Two new dermatoscopes from HEINE Optotechnik

HEINE Optotechnik is showcasing two dermatoscope models that have had their design and technology completely overhauled and that meet the highest quality standards: the DELTA 30 and the DELTAone. The 30 mm field of view of the DELTA 30 dermatoscope and the best imaging provided by all HEINE dermatoscopes offer doctors perfect support in their diagnostics work. The smaller DELTAone is very well suited to being carried around in a pocket and features impressive optics – both when looking through the eyepiece and in terms of design.

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HEINE Press Release March 2019

HEINE Optotechnik – on course for growth Oliver Heine presents extended management team

Heine Optotechnik, an internationally successful manufacturer of medical instruments for primary diagnosis, has expanded its management team as part of its growth strategy. Dr Matthias Kühner and Timo Martin will now assist owner Oliver Heine at operational level, while Bettina Seim will be the driving force behind the company’s strategic developments and cooperative relationships.

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