HEINE news – March 2024

New accessories for dermatoscopic examination and professional digital imaging

Clever accessories help practitioners and medical professionals optimise practical use of the most important diagnostic instrument in dermatology. We are, of course, talking about the dermatoscope. That is precisely why HEINE is expanding its package of accessories, which makes dermatoscopy considerably easier on the patient and significantly simplifies digital imaging with the dermatoscope.

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HEINE News - August 2023

Interview: Dr. James DuCanto on video laryngoscopy and the HEINE visionPRO

Should video laryngoscopes be used as the standard in almost every intubation?


Dr. James DuCanto, anesthesiologist and airway management expert (Rush University, Chicago, USA), answers this question in our interview with Walter Loaiza, HEINE CCO. We also talked about the developments in airway management and the benefits of video laryngoscopy such as significantly improved visualization of the airway and enhanced teamwork. Dr. DuCanto also shares his experiences with the HEINE visionPRO video laryngoscope.

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HEINE News - July 2023

New hyperangulated HyMac 3 blade for the HEINE visionPRO video laryngoscope

The HEINE visionPRO video laryngoscope is suitable for routine use during any intubation procedure. Every now and again, when intubating with a video laryngoscope, users can encounter airway situations that require them to look a little more ‘around the corner’ and where it may be beneficial to use a slightly more curved blade. The new HEINE HyMac single-use blade with a more pronounced curvature is now available specifically for these special situations.

HEINE is thus expanding its range of blades for the visionPRO video laryngoscope, which previously only included blades in the classic Macintosh shape.

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HEINE News - November 2022

HEINE expands in-house production operations

The Plastics Production at HEINE has received two new machines in recent months. HEINE is thus further expanding its in-house production operations and remains independent of suppliers with respect to disposable items like laryngoscope blades and ear speculums for otoscopes.  

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HEINE News - July 2022

Interactive exhibition with HEINE diagnostic instruments

World premiere on 8 July 2022: HEINE diagnostic instruments can now be experienced live in a museum. In the completely redesigned, modern health exhibition at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, visitors can examine their skin with a HEINE dermatoscope or give themselves a doctor's perspective when looking through a HEINE otoscope. HEINE Optotechnik has donated the items to the museum. As a company we are delighted to accompany visitors on their journey through the body with our instruments. 

On an incredible 20,000 square metres, the Deutsches Museum presents exhibitions ranging from atomic physics to robotics, making it an attraction for tourists to Munich and for all those interested in natural sciences.

HEINE Press Release - March 2022

HEINE AllSpec disposable tips – now made of recycled material

Sustainable EcoTips for otoscopes – with no difference whatsoever in examination quality

Plastic medical disposable products are advantageous in everyday practice. They are immediately ready for hygienic use, and they save time too since there’s no need for reprocessing. On the flip side, doctors’ surgeries and hospitals around the world produce lots of environment-polluting waste. 

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