HEINE visionPRO Mac single-use blade

First-ever blade made from upcycled material

The HEINE visionPRO Macintosh blades are made from upcycled material that comes from discarded refrigerators. By recycling these refrigerators in a controlled manner, we spare the environment around 200 tons of CO2 in the first year alone.
Various national and international industrial property rights have been applied for and granted for the smart design and the new HEINE FixLock system.


    Upcycled material

    • Environmental protection due to CO2 savings 
    • Sustainable production on an energy-saving machine with green electricity
    • Reduction in material consumption: 
      • Thanks to the minimalist design
      • Injection molding process that produces little waste

    HEINE FixLock system

    Secure locking: 

    • Fixing clip snaps automatically onto the fixing hook (you will clearly see and hear it snap into place) 
    • The FixLock system is mounted on the side facing away from the ET tube, where it won’t cause any interference

    Secure unlocking: 

    • Simply lift the fixing clip slightly after use 
    • Remove the blade without touching the potentially contaminated area 

    Safe and hygienic

    • Easy-to-read Mac label
    • Safe insertion, even in time-critical situations, due to funnel shape
    • Good blade handling due to slim product design 
    • Blade design protects display unit and handle from contamination, and enables quick and effective reprocessing
    • Each blade is packed individually in hygienically sealed packaging


    Catalogue Number: F-000.22.242

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