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Information on General Medicine

This section offers interesting articles and information on the recognition and treatment of diseases and the use of diagnostic instruments for an accurate diagnosis. 

The increasing importance of regular skin cancer screenings has aroused the interest in dermatoscopy among General Practitioners all over the world. With the help of a dermatoscope, conspicuously pigmented skin lesions can be examined accurately and swiftly.  

The dermatoscope is also a practical help in your daily routine as it provides a clear view of everything that the human eye alone cannot see clearly. This helps assessing foreign bodies, parasite infestations and supports you in performing swift and precise hair and nail diagnostics.

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Brückner Test

The early detection of eye diseases in children is an important task for general practitioners and paediatricians. The prevalence of amblyopia in children is reported to be approximately 5 % and can result in a permanent functional disorder of the eye, if it is not diagnosed and treated in time.

Brückner’s transillumination test is performed by using a direct ophthalmoscope and is a simple, fast and sensitive test in order to determine whether a complete ophthalmological examination by a specialist it required or not.

For background knowledge to the Brückner test, please see our Brückner Test Info Page.