HEINE K180 diagnostic set – otoscope and ophthalmoscope

Standard instruments for a smaller budget

Otoscope with XHL (xenon halogen illumination) and fibre-optic technology. Housing made of lightweight, shockproof polycarbonate. Sturdy ophthalmoscope with XHL and low-reflection optics for reliable diagnosis. Bright, white light, for a clear image of the fundus. High functionality and good value for money.
  • Detailed view
  • Enhanced durability
  • Intuitive operability
  • Reliable diagnosis
  • Excellent illumination
Complete product description for the K180 F.O. otoscope and K180 ophthalmoscope.


Catalogue Number: A-279.10.118

More details

K180 Ophthalmoscope, in standard version with aperture wheel 1, K180 F.O. Otoscope, BETA battery handle, 1 set of reusable tips, hard case

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