Application and Diagnostic tips

Working with magnification loupes relieves strain in daily practice

Many practitioners who use magnification loupes no longer imagine being without them in their daily work. A loupe makes small details in the field of vision clear while standing or sitting upright, without the examiner having to bend over the patient. This prevents musculoskeletal disorders and pain caused by poor posture. A comfortable working distance can be maintained. The magnified image reduces strain on the eyes and therefore means that the eyes do not get tired as quickly. 

However, it is crucial that the binocular loupes truly fit the user with the optimal set-up. This is where choosing the right loupes and getting the right advice becomes very important.

You can find information on choosing the right magnification loupes, headlight or a combination of the two instruments for magnification and illumination here, as well as practical tips for application, set-up and posts on ergonomics.

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