HEINE Classic+Miller Fiber Optic (F.O.) Blades

Choose HEINE blades for 10 years of maintenance-free service.

From now on, we’re offering a new and unique 10-year guarantee on our HEINE Classic+ F.O. blade.

  • 4000 autoclave cycles
  • Safe for patients
  • smoothSURFACE quality label
  • Economical thanks to cost savings
  • Sustainable thanks to a smaller environmental footprint

Safe for patients
- Simple and safe reprocessing thanks to HEINE smoothSURFACE
- There’s never been a nosocomial incident with a HEINE blade yet
- No risk of injury thanks to HEINE smoothSURFACE
- Optimised illumination for endotracheal intubation with HEINE HiLite Fiber Optics
- Complete quality inspection: every single blade is checked with 51 inspection steps 

Economical thanks to cost savings
-Long-term product cost savings compared to disposable and other reusable products due to outstanding durability
-Streamlined reprocessing workflows and processes with HEINE smoothSURFACE

Sustainable thanks to a smaller environmental footprint
-compared to disposable and other reusable products

Compatible with all laryngoscope handles 
according to ISO 7376 (Green Standard).

All 27 reasons to trust the quality of HEINE blades can also be found in the ‘Book of Truth’.


Catalogue Number: F-000.22.119

  • The good grip and excellent illumination quality of HEINE LED Laryngoscopes make them a reliable, long-term partner in my daily routine as well as in emergency care and in emergency rescue service.

    Dr. Tatjana Hilker

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What handles can be used with my HEINE Laryngoscope Blade?

All HEINE Laryngoscope handles can be used with the HEINE Laryngoscope Blade.

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