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HEINE - Quality made in Germany

We’ve been passionate about quality for 75 years.
No relief in sight.

If we can improve something, then we do just that. We perfect each of our 300 instruments again and again. And again. That is how the best quality is created. Doing so makes us happy and proud for a little while. Not long before the next improvement.

We make Made in Germany.

We do everything ourselves. From developing and prototyping to packaging. Coating, die cutting, assembling and inspecting quality – everything. And all here in our very own production facilities in Gilching, Bavaria. We buy the large majority of our raw materials from regional suppliers. This is Made in Germany in a nutshell.

Our instruments would be cheaper
if we cut corners on quality.
But is that what you really want?

The legendary HEINE quality is sometimes more expensive because we use the finest materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and German craftsmanship. But that is also how our instruments last for many, many years. And isn’t that exactly what you are looking for?

We’re constantly thinking about quality.
Sometimes, unfortunately, it’s the weekend.

Instead of thinking about colourful packaging, we are thinking about how to make our instruments more durable. Or brighter. Or achieve more authentic colours and realistic images. …And suddenly it’s Friday and we are looking forward to Monday. Then we can start thinking about quality improvements again.

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When it comes to tolerances, we’re extremely intolerant.

We have an extremely high level of vertical integration, which is pretty much unique in Germany. Instead of outsourcing production processes, we prefer to do things ourselves. This is the only way to achieve the precision and perfection that we crave for. On this point we are, well, very German.

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Before we start developing a new product, our engineers go to the doctor. Or the hospital.

Our researchers and developers start a new product idea by listening to and watching the practitioners using our instruments around the world. We reflect, plan and start designing the product in our own facilities in Gilching. Then we test, optimize and patent, to finally end up with a true Quality made in Germany instrument.

The value of a HEINE instrument isn’t measured in euros, dollars or yen.
It’s measured in years.

There is a common saying: ‘buy cheap, buy twice’. HEINE instruments are so durable and their service life is so long that they naturally are great value.
Quod erat demonstrandum.

Working hard for 17 years.
And not a single sick day.

Our instruments’ durability is legendary. And it should come as no surprise that every single instrument is the result of decades of product development, continuous improvements and a complete quality inspection of our own production facilities. That is something you can count on.

HEINE instruments were already sustainable when environmentalists were still called ‘hippies’.

The most sustainable instrument is the one that does not break and lasts a long time. Incidentally, since May 2020, we no longer use fossil fuels for heating and cooling at our new facilities in Gilching. It’s nice to have a clear conscience, isn’t it?  

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