HEINE otoscopy compendium

Tips and photos of findings for otoscopy for beginners

Otoscopy is part and parcel of routine ENT diagnostics. But assessing an eardrum isn’t always easy, and extensive clinical experience can only be obtained by using an otoscope in prolonged, practical situations. A powerful otoscope can help a practitioner to make a precise diagnosis. The most important factors here are optimum illumination and adequate magnification.

The otoscopy compendium provides practical tips relating to correct instrument / patient positioning, and explains how to perform pneumatic testing too. A series of photographs of findings in the middle ear, outer ear and eardrum show examiners what a middle ear infection, an acute traumatic perforation or other findings look when viewed through the otoscope.

Otoscopy beginners, such as medical students or doctors at the start of their practical training, will find the otoscopy compendium available for download here as a PDF file.