Digital documentation in dermatoscopy

Digital documentation made easy and intuitive

Mobile documentation solutions involving a dermatoscope and a smartphone allow practitioners to quickly and effortlessly integrate their documentation into the workflow – whether they’re examining patients staying in hospital or outpatients being seen in a practice. Using the hardware in a manageable way allows practitioners both to remain flexible in terms of their location and to use the dermatoscope either with or without the digital documentation option.

Simple and mobile documentation with a smartphone

You need two things to use mobile documentation solutions: a smartphone and a dermatoscope. The HEINE DELTA 30 PRO, DELTA 30, DELTAone and iC1 dermatoscopes are suitable for mobile documentation. When used together with a HEINE adapter, these dermatoscopes are immediately ready to take images during examinations.

Ways to connect the dermatoscope and smartphone:

  1. Universal Adapter (suitable for all smartphones)
  2. Mobile phone cases (for iPhones*)
  3. Universal Connector (handy for tablets)

HEINE software solutions for mobile, digital documentation:

  1. HEINE DERManager – cloud-based data storage on servers in Germany
  2. HEINE Cube – local storage of images in the practice
  3. HEINE DERM app – a simple app solution for users who take pictures only occasionally

The advantages of HEINE’s digital storage options

HEINE DERManager – location-independent access via the cloud

The DERManager is ideal for beginners and advanced users who would like to document lesions the quick and easy way. They can also work from any room and across different practices. No matter where dermatoscopic images are documented, the data can be accessed from absolutely anywhere via the cloud and can also be shared with colleagues or patients themselves.

Once a dermatoscopic image has been created in the DERManager app for iPhone, it is transferred to the cloud in real time. The practitioner can then view and assess the image on a tablet or computer at any time and from absolutely anywhere. Many other functions are available in the DERManager software, including the likes of individual, side-by-side or multiple (up to four images) image comparison and annotation with comments.

  • Capture images with an iPhone. Patient data is not stored on the device. Instead, it is transferred directly to the cloud.
  • Data is stored in the cloud on servers in Germany.
  • The images can be further processed, categorised and tracked either on the computer or on the terminal device.
  • Practitioners can also forward images for the purposes of exchanging ideas with colleagues or seeking a second opinion.

Try before you buy.

Complete the quick and easy registration process and try out the benefits of HEINE DERManager for free until the end of the following month.

HEINE Cube – the stationary solution

When using the HEINE Cube, the dermatoscopic images that the practitioner captures with their dermatoscope and smartphone are stored on a separate server installed in the practice. The server can be connected to the commonly used practice information systems over the GDT interface.

  • Capture images with an iPhone. Patient data is transferred to the Cube in real time, so no sensitive data stays stored on the smartphone.
  • All of the data is stored locally in the practice on the HEINE Cube.
  • The images can be further processed, categorised and tracked either on the computer or on the smartphone.


HEINE Cube system: Step-by-Step

HEINE DERM app – a free, smartphone-exclusive solution

The DERM app is a simple app solution for users who would like to take images occasionally. So dermatoscopically recorded lesions can be easily documented.

  • Easy to use
  • Data is stored directly on the terminal device
  • Various image comparison options
  • Available for iOS* and Android* smartphones


HEINE DERM app: Step-by-Step

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