The right loupes - from the start

Choose wisely

With your studies you have decided on a professional future in the field of medicine or dentistry - congratulations! Not only are you making an important contribution to the health and well-being of our society, but you are also at the beginning of a promising career.

As a manufacturer of high-quality medical devices, we are at your side right from the beginning. We are happy to provide support when it comes to choosing the right loupes and light for you. Because with the right "tool" you lay the best foundations for successful work and perfect results right from the start.

Choose ergonomically

To ensure that you enjoy your loupes for a long time, there are a number of aspects to consider when you buy them, such as the quality of the optics, suitable magnification, flexibility in use, adjustment of the angle of inclination for an ergonomic posture, options for spectacle wearers and when changing prescription, addition of lighting, warranty period, etc.

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