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Veterinary ENT diagnostic instruments

Robustness, high precision and reliability are essential features that should be taken into account when buying diagnostic instruments for veterinary medicine. But criteria such as light focus, level of detail and authentic colour rendering are decisive too.

HEINE’s special veterinary instruments have been specifically developed for veterinary use. They are available as the BETA 200 VET otoscope, for maximum precision in representation, or as the G100 slit illumination head, which is ideal for adding instruments with magnification and illumination. Both instruments are available with either XHL (xenon halogen bulbs) or LED (light-emitting diodes) illumination.


Insufflation Bulb

HEINE Insufflation Bulb
HEINE Insufflation Bulb
For pneumatic testing.

Slit Illumination Heads

HEINE G100 LED Slit illumination, BETA4 USB rechargeable handle, specula and USB Sign
HEINE G100 LED Slit Illumination Head
Our most versatile instrument for veterinary medicine with LED HQ

VET Otoscopes

HEINE BETA 200 VET F.O. Otoscope in LED, BETA4 USB rechargeable handle and USB sign
HEINE BETA 200 LED VET F.O. Otoscope
Our best otoscope for veterinary medicine with LEDHQ

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