HEINE BETA 200S LED Ophthalmoscope

Ophthalmoscope with outstanding durability – perfect for small pupils

Accurate diagnosis at first glance. Direct ophthalmoscope with special optical system that provides a particularly clear and bright image of the fundus. Sturdy and handy – ideal for mobile use. 7 different apertures – always the right setting for different examination situations. Particularly bright and dimmable due to LEDHQ with virtually unlimited working life – no need to ever exchange the LED.
  • Reliable diagnosis
  • Optimum illumination
  • Exceptional durability
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible power source options

1. Reliable diagnosis

  • Clear, bright and non-reflective image due to AOS (Aspherical Optical System) 
  • No light reflections, since the illumination beam and the observation path are separate
  • The instrument head fits precisely to the eye socket, blocking out ambient light
  • Very good refractive compensation due to 74 single step design on the non-continuous lens wheel (- 36 to + 38 D) 
  • This prevents extreme jumps from one dioptre to another
  • Can be used for both dilated and non-dilated or particularly small pupils due to the pinhole aperture
  • 7 different apertures – can also be used with red-free filter

2. Optimum illumination

  • Patented and exclusive continuous dimmability between 3 and 100%
  • No stray light thanks to the recessed, multi-coated viewing window
  • Helpful when examining cloudy lenses, as LEDHQ provides particularly bright illumination

3. Exceptional durability

  • Maintenance-free use due to dustproof design
  • Impact-resistant due to a cast aluminium frame that the optical components are embedded in
  • No need to ever exchange the LED thanks to LEDHQ
  • 5-year guarantee


4. Easy to use

  • Instrument can be operated with one hand
  • Flexibility during the examination due to the ergonomic design


5. Flexible power source options

  • Rechargeable battery: with USB or table charger
  • Full functionality of the BETA 200S LED is guaranteed with the current BETA rechargeable handles and the EN 200 / EN 200-1 wall transformers.


Catalogue Number: C-261.10.118

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What lens range does the HEINE BETA200 S LED Ophthalmoscope offer?

Range of 28 lenses from -36D to +38D offer 74 one dioptre steps. Perfect focus even with high refractive errors.

How do I change the light source in my HEINE BETA200 S LED Ophthalmoscope?

The HEINE LEDs feature an extremely long durability, sustaining their illumination quality throughout the whole product life time. Therefore an exchange of the LED is not necessary.

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