HEINE EN 200 Diagnostic Centre

Diagnostic instruments located at your fingertips in a space-saving design

Modern, energy efficient wall system
  • Everything in its right place, ready to use
  • No more tiresome searches for instruments, or manual charging necessary
  • Optimised work flow and excellent energy efficiency
  • Optimal hygienic reprocessing
  • Expandable via USB interface

Whether in a clinic or a practice – the HEINE EN 200 can be customised to match your individual needs and can be equipped with a number of HEINE instruments, such as otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes and sphygmomanometers. The wall unit can also be expanded with thermometers of other manufacturers.
Highest safety standards: The power supply and the EN 200 have several built-in protections against electronic malfunctions.


Catalogue Number: A-095.12.950

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with GAMMA XXL LF-WB Analogue Sphygmomanometer , Cuff Basket , EN 200 Wall Transformer , BETA 400 LED F.O. Otoscope , BETA 200 LED Ophthalmoscope , AllSpec Tip Dispenser , Wallboard (mounting material included)


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Further articles / Accessories HEINE EN 200 Diagnostic Centre

EN 200-1 Wall Transformer (Single Unit with one handle)

as single module with long USB cord and E4-USB plug-in power supply, without instrument head

EN 200-1 Wall Transformer (Extension Unit with one handle)

for use with the EN 200 Wall Transformer (with short USB cord), without instrument head 

HEINE GAMMA XXL LF wall mount with adult cuff, Analog blood pressure monitor
GAMMA XXL LF Kit - for Wallboard

Analog blood pressure monitor (without cuff rest), for Wallboard 


Wallboard as above for device combination EN200 / Tip Dispenser (without instruments)


Wallboard for simple wall mounting made of satined acrylic glass 50 x 75 x 0.8 cm, 3.8 kg, with pre-drilled holes, mounting material included for device combination GAMMA XXL LF-WB / Cuff Basket / EN 200 / Tip Dispenser

Cuff Basket

Cuff Basket for storing blood pressure cuffs


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Can I use spray disinfectant?


Can I sterilise the devices?


Can I use dripping-wet or heavily-foaming wipes?


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