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Helmut A. Heine, our company's founder, had a clear vision when he established HEINE Optotechnik in 1946: to build the highest quality diagnostic instruments available in the world. He was convinced, the only way to achieve the most reliable diagnosis at the earliest possible stage, was by using the very best quality diagnostic instruments. 

To this day, our customers can rely on this commitment of quality and precise diagnostic performance in all HEINE products. Our customers can also trust the unique functionality and long-lasting durability of their HEINE instruments.

HEINE – Quality made in Germany

We live and breathe quality. In everything we do. Every product we make. Every lens we polish. Every screw we tighten. Every optic fiber we bundle. Always. Every day.

The durability of our primary diagnostic instruments is legendary. Every single instrument is the result of decades of product development, continuous improvements, production and a 100% quality control in our own facilities. We make certain that our high expectations of quality are maintained.

It is how we ensure that our high-end products meet our claim of providing the most accurate and earliest possible diagnosis.

No more, no less. 

Corporate Social Responsibility 2023

The most sustainable instrument is one that lasts for a long time.

The History of HEINE

For 75 years we have been manufacturing medical diagnostic instruments and are world leaders in this field.

Quality made in Germany

We’ve been passionate about quality for 75 years. No relief in sight.


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