HEINE NT4 Table Charger

Innovative compact design, practical and space-saving

Innovative compact design, practical and space-saving. Complete functionality for one or two handles at a time. 


    Dimensions: Width 142 mm, Height 61 mm, Depth 66 mm.

    With the appropriate adaptor set all BETA4 NT and BETA4 SLIM NT rechargeable handles can be charged in the NT4 table charger. The same applies to all Standard F.O. 4 NT, F.O. 4 SLIM NT and F.O. 4 SHORT NT laryngoscope rechargeable handles.

    Innovative compact design. Practical and space-saving. 

    Two independent charging wells. Complete functionality for one or two handles at a time. 

    Automatic charging. Independent of the state of charge of the rechargeable battery. Guarantees extended battery life. 

    Cannot be overcharged. Charger switches off automatically when the battery is fully charged. 

    Charge status indicator. Light pulses from the charging well to confirm the charging mode. Continuous light indicates that the charging process has been completed.


    Catalogue Number: X-002.99.494

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    Without handle, adaptor for BETA4 NT rechargeable handles, Standard F.O. 4 NT and F.O. 4 SHORT NT laryngoscope rechargeable handles.


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    Adapter set (two pieces)

    for BETA SLIM and Small F.O. Laryngoscope Rechargeable Handles


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