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Accessories and other items for dermatoscopes

While our instruments’ quality starts with development, it certainly doesn’t end with the accessories. Contact plates, smartphone adapters, digital camera adapters for DSLR and DSLM cameras, the HEINE diSTANCE working ring, the belt clip, cases, power supply units, chargers or USB cords. Choose the right accessories from our extensive range for improved customisation when you integrate our instruments into your workflow.

Find all the options here and incorporate new capabilities into your dermatoscope.

HEINE belt case
HEINE Charger 30 table charging station
HEINE DELTA 30 Contact plate with scale
HEINE contact plates
HEINE SLR photo adapter DELTA 20T
HEINE SLR | SLM Camera Adapter
Digital images of the highest quality
HEINE SLR | SLM Camera Adapter flow
For dermatoscopic overview and detailed images
HEINE DELTA 30 small contact plate
HEINE small contact plates
HEINE Smartphone adapter for Apple iPhone 12 Pro in grey suitable for DELTA 30 / DELTAone dermatoscope
HEINE smartphone mounting cases
HEINE universal smartphone adapter mag
HEINE diSTANCE working ring