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General Conditions of Guarantee

Not with standing statutory rights arising from product defects, HEINE provides the following guarantee for its products under the following conditions. The General Conditions of Guarantee apply to all HEINE products, unless otherwise specified by other product-related guarantee conditions.  Product-related guarantee conditions can be found in the individual product descriptions.


Content of Guarantee

HEINE guarantees that the products it delivers shall be free from material, processing and construction defects if they are used properly and for the intended application for the duration of the guarantee. This guarantee shall not apply to defects that occur from improper use or improper handling, in particular due to non-observance or incorrect application of the instructions for use or due to an event having an external impact. The guarantee for the entire product shall lapse or shall not apply if non-original HEINE products or non-original spare parts are used, and if interventions (in particular repairs or modifications) are carried out by persons who are not authorized by HEINE.

Furthermore, the following are excluded from the guarantee:

  •            wear and tear,
  •            single-use items and consumables,
  •            rechargeable batteries and batteries and
  •            exposed and accessible control and supply cables with corresponding plug connection.


Guarantee Period

The guarantee applies for a period of 5 years from the date of consignment of the goods ex works.


Scope of Guarantee

If the above-mentioned guarantee conditions apply, this shall give rise to a guarantee case. If the customer claims a guarantee case, the customer must send the HEINE product to HEINE at its own cost. HEINE shall then check whether a guarantee case actually exists.



If a guarantee case does exist, the customer shall be entitled to a repair or replacement at HEINE's discretion. In the event of a guarantee case, HEINE shall bear the costs for the repair or replacement, including the shipping costs of returning the product to the sender. The shipping costs for sending the product to HEINE shall be borne by the sender itself. If a guarantee case does not exist, the customer shall not be required to cover the costs of the inspection, but must bear the costs for returning the product to the customer should the customer require this. If HEINE repairs the product, the guarantee period shall not recommence. If HEINE provides a replacement under the guarantee, a new guarantee period shall commence.   


Limitation Period

For defects recorded under the guarantee, the limitation period shall begin upon the discovery of the defect.


General Terms and Conditions of Business

The General Terms and Conditions of Business of HEINE also apply: In particular the provisions regarding liability, place of jurisdiction and choice of law. In addition, further claims, in particular claims for compensation for damage which did not occur on the HEINE product, are excluded from the guarantee.


Product-related guarantee conditions

Product-related guarantee conditions shall supplement the General Conditions of Guarantee in the relevant cases.


1. HEINE iC1 Dermatoscope

HEINE grants a 5 year guarantee only if the product has been purchased through an authorized dealer and is registered within 6 months from the date of purchase. To register please go here. The guarantee provides coverage against defects in design, materials and workmanship. Rechargeable battery and mobile phone case are not included in this guarantee.


2. HEINE Fibre Optic Laryngoscopes

HEINE Classic+ F.O. laryngoscope blades have an extended guarantee of 10 years on the faultlessness from material, processing and construction defects, for blades manufactured on or after 01/01/2020 or with serial number SN1105228000 or higher.

The 10-year guarantee ensures that output will not fall below 1,000 lux, even after repeated autoclave cycles (based on 4,000 cycles at 134°C / 4 min.)

The guarantee covers HEINE Classic+ laryngoscope blades which are cleaned, disinfected and/or sterilised in accordance with the instructions for reprocessing.

HEINE Classic+ F.O. laryngoscope blades manufactured prior to 01/01/2020 and FlexTip+ blades are subject to the same guarantee conditions provided above, with a 5-year guarantee period.


3. HEINE GAMMA G-Series:

HEINE GAMMA G7 and HEINE GAMMA XXL LF Sphygmomanometers carry an extended guarantee of 10 years for the faultlessness from material, processing and construction defects. Wear parts and metrological control are not included.


4. HEINE Cube

For the Cube HEINE grants a guarantee of 2 years.


5. HEINE visionPRO video laryngoscope

For the HEINE visionPRO video laryngoscope HEINE grants a guarantee of 2 years.