HEINE Hand-held Indirect Ophthalmoscope MONOCULAR

Compact monocular ophthalmoscope

An unusually compact instrument, which is recommended for visits and mobile use.


    Durable metal construction. Long working life.

    Built-in interference red-free filter. Improves contrast.

    All optical components made of coated optical glass. Precise images and high light intensity.

    Adjustable light beam. Useful for small pupils.

    One hand operation. All control elements can be easily reached with the thumb.

    + 3 D lens attachment. An aid to accomodation, magnifies the image.

    Add-on binocular attachment available. Instrument can be up-dated for binocular use.


    Catalogue Number: C-020.27.388

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    Hand-held Indirect Ophthalmoscope MONOCULAR with BETA4 USB rechargeable handle, medical approved plug-in power supply, handle rest


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