HEINE GAMMA 3.1 pulse stethoscope

Ideal for measuring blood pressure

The new HEINE GAMMA 3.1 stethoscope, which can be easily and comfortably slid under the cuff of the sphygmomanometer thanks to its flat chest piece, has been given a complete overhaul. Particular emphasis was placed on an excellent ergonomic design, with angled binaurals and new ear olives. The particularly flat, solid aluminium chest piece alone saves around 50% in weight, scores top marks with excellent acoustics and is the ideal partner for measuring blood pressure in practice, hospital or care settings.
  • Excellent ergonomics thanks to improved design
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Excellent acoustics with flat chest piece
  • Durable and high-quality

1. Excellent ergonomics thanks to improved design

  • Internal and welded spring
  • Better fit and shielding thanks to optimised ear olives
  • Better anatomical fit to the ear canal thanks to angled binaurals
  • Optimum patient accessibility due to angled connector on the chest piece
  • Higher-quality plastics in compliance with all health-related requirements
  • Increased patient comfort thanks to improved non-chill rims
  • Simple and safe to disinfect


2. Extremely lightweight

  • Extremely comfortable to wear, weighing just 122 grams in total
  • Solid aluminium chest piece


3. Excellent acoustics thanks to the flat chest piece

  • Single-tube construction with excellent sound transmission
  • Quality membrane (44 mm in diameter) for optimum sound transmission


4. Durable and high-quality

  • Made in Germany
  • Replaceable membrane
  • 5-year guarantee


Catalogue Number: M-000.09.941

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do HEINE stethoscopes contain latex?

No. All materials of the stethoscopes are latex-free.
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